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Клей супер цемент

Клей супер цемент.

Придбали, зовсім недавно, універсальний водостійкий клей Супер Цемент фірми виробника Хімік Плюс. Знадобився він нам для Універсальний водостійкий клей супер цементУніверсальний водостійкий клей супер цемент приклеювання лінолеуму до ОСП* Плиті. (Облагороджує підлоги на лоджії). В честь цього викладаємо невеликий огляд даного клею.

  1. — Опис клею Супер цемент і його призначення;
  2. — Що їм можна приклеїти;
  3. — Способи застосування;
  4. — Заходи безпеки;
  5. — Відгуки про універсальний клей Супер цемент;

Jellyfish collagen

Jellagen, a Welsh marine biotechnology company, has its eyes on the unassuming jellyfish as a source of a potential revolutionary biomaterial: next-generation collagen.

The idea first came to Jellagen co-founder Andrew Mearns Spragg in his youth, after encountering huge blooms of jellyfish while surfing off the east coast of Scotland. Human activity has caused jellyfish populations to explode, and while most saw this as a nuisance, Mearns Spragg saw it as a valuable resource for the future.

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals and is a key component of almost all types of tissue. Meaning that it has a variety of uses in the medical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, which currently source their collagen from mammals — mainly cows, pigs, and sheep. However, there are a variety of concerns around mammalian collagen, such as the potential for disease transmission, which has led to the need for a safer collagen source.

Jellyfish collagen is an evolutionary ancient chemical template and is where all collagens up the tree of life have been derived. Jellyfish collagen is the root of all collagens, compatible with a broad range of cell types ,” Mearns Spragg said.

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Jellagel Jellagen

Not only is jellyfish-derived collagen safer and disease-free, but it also has a low propensity to elicit an immune response from the immune system. This makes it an ideal alternative to mammal collagen.

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In early 2021, Jellagen launched a collagen material used to culture cells for research purposes. The company is also working on different uses of its collagen in therapeutic applications as well as medical devices , including for wound repair, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering. It’s a powerful example of how biomimicry allows us to find solutions in nature, even in the unlikeliest of places.

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